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Sampling Instructions

PDF.png   Sampling instructions and price list  
PDF.png   Order for DNA testing of cat*   Link
PDF.png   Order for DNA testing of dog*   Link
* If you fill out the orders by hand, please, write legibly. Thank you.

1. The animal shouldn’t be fed and has to be isolated from other animals for 40 minutes before the procedure. 
It’s necessary to drive the cytobrushes type D between the dog’s (cat's) buccal surface and the gingiva with rotation and pressure for not less than 10 seconds. Dry the brushes and place them into the original containers or in a paper envelope. 
Take two buccal cell samples from your dog/cat. 

Once the results are ready, you will receive a notification via email.

If you did not receive any information research - check the spam folder.

2. What can replace cytobrushes type D:
- Urogenital probe type A (also 2 samples from each animal) .
- Interdental brushes (2 samples). You can buy at a pharmacy.
- Cotton buds (at least 4 samples from an animal). Sampling should be more carefully, because they tend to get worse in gathering material. 

3. You can send the material from the Post Office by registered letter (not EMS). Or the courier company. Don’t say couriers that you send biomaterial. In the attachment description write "samples".

You should also send the order. 

4. Address for delivering: “FBio” Co.Ltd. Box №1355, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 190900. 

5. Payment.
PayPal. Our account attached to the email fbiogenetika@mail.ru. To the question "For what purpose you are sending money?" Select "I am sending money to relatives or friends."
Pay attention to the commission for money transfers.


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